Streamline by AJM Environmental

Streamline by AJM Environmental is a comprehensive tool to manage the transport and use of fluids including surface water, frac water and drilling waste. From winter construction projects to summer dust suppression, Streamline can:

  • SAVE TIME on data entry and reporting;
  • SAVE MONEY by improving field efficiency; and
  • REDUCE REGULATORY RISK by tracking fluids in real-time.

Streamline is a georeferenced app that is simple to use and easy to set up. Fluid haulers are trained on the system in a matter of minutes and access the app on field-ready tablets. They can track volumes in real-time with all the regulatory documentation at their fingertips, eliminating the need for large binders of printed licenses and supporting material. Fluid usage information is immediately available to office staff through an online database which can produce seamless reports for regulatory compliance. Fluid limit alerts are automatically sent to haulers through the app before exceeding licensed volumes, significantly reducing regulatory risk. 

To find out more about Streamline and if it is the right tool for your operation, contact AJM Environmental at