EPEA Regulated Wetland Monitoring Programs

Qualified Wetland Science Practitioner (QWSP) assessments

Applications for Water Act approval

Code of Practice Notifications for water body crossings

Compensation agreements for permanent habitat loss



Wildlife habitat assessment, population surveys and monitoring

Species at Risk field assessments

Pre-construction breeding bird surveys

Wildlife Mitigation Planning

Development of species status reports and recovery plans



Fisheries and aquatics research and assessments

Qualified Aquatic Environment Specialist (QAES) assessments

Fish population surveys and modelling

Habitat mapping and compensation planning

Water quality monitoring during in-stream construction work and pipeline crossings



Regulatory Applications (AER, AEP, NEB, AUC)

Development and implementation of EPEA monitoring plans (wetlands, wildlife, groundwater)

Field-based audit, compliance assurance and monitoring plans

Environmental inspection of construction projects, including pipelines and drilling

Desktop and field-level risk assessments